Adjustable Lumbar Pillow – 2


The Adjustable Lumbar Pillow is specifically designed to ease and alleviate back pain, correct posture, and improve blood circulation while promoting healthy spine alignment.


  • Center Domed Lumbar Support Section, 2 domed side sections.
  • Updated, Improved Design that’s better for hour-glass figures.
  • Supports Lower Back for proper lumbar positioning
  • Adjustable support to minimize sag of the midsection and spine when on the side.
  • Fully-Adjustable Design via zippers, the differing thickness of pads.
  • Multiple foam dome heights provide adjustable support that feels best to you
  • Made from 48D Innovative and Adaptive Visco-elastic Memory Foam
  • Adjustable Lumbar Pillow comes with a Washable and Breathable removable Velboa Cover with Zipper.
  • Approximate Size: 9” x 27”. 3 each  9”x 9” adjustable sections.


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